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Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Would you believe it if someone told you that your child is a genius? 

For most of us, we might think, “My child is smart enough, but genius material? Perhaps not”. If that is what you think, you could be missing out on the greatest opportunity to develop your extraordinarily intelligent child.  

All children are geniuses in the making.

Every child has a genius potential.
At KiddyLearn, something had been in the air for nearly two years, a feeling that we were standing at a new frontier of early learning for young children. Trepidation and excitement finally burst into fruition when KiddyLearn was launched! What drives us is the belief that all children are born geniuses. But we have to make use of the precious window of opportunity from birth to 6 years of age to draw out the latent abilities of the brain. This is done not so much by cramming information into the child’s brain, but more by developing the capabilities of the brain. And there is no better time to tap into this potential than the first few years of life, when brain growth is at an explosive speed.

If you are a parent to a young child, we hope that your interest is now sufficiently piqued for you to wonder, “How do I tap into this potential?” The answer is simple. Only in the first six years of a child's life is any gain in a child's intelligence due to actual brain growth. After 6 years of age, whatever new things that the brain learns will have to come from experiences, schooling, and other external influences. You have 6 years (only 6, we say!) to create the most favourable conditions to stimulate your child’s brain growth. By greater brain growth, we refer to the greater degree of complexity and sophistication in the brain’s neural circuitry. We believe that this augments your child’s overall intelligence and future ability to analyse, evaluate, identify relations between multi-disciplinary subjects, problem-solve and be creative.

The choice is yours. But you only have one chance.

Don’t let your child’s one and only chance slip away.
The good news is that brain growth and intelligence is not predestined and unchangeable. According to Glenn Doman, a pioneer in the field of child brain development, brain growth and development is a process which can be stopped (eg by profound brain injury). It is a process which can be slowed (eg by moderate brain injury), but most significantly, it is a process which can be speeded. The choice is yours. 

But the bad news is this: When we miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it will not come by again. Early learning is not merely something “nice-to-have”, which you may include in your children's life, like an additional toy. Early learning should be a “must-have”, a basic necessity like food and water. How your child benefits from it, to what extent your child benefits from it, only time will tell. But at least you, as a parent, would have done your best for your child. Quite often, we hear friends who are parents wistfully pass remarks like “I wish I had done more to teach my child when he was younger.” We hope you will not leave room for such regrets. At KiddyLearn, we can provide the resources for early learning, but we cannot turn back the clock for your child. 

Early learning is fun!

Early learning is meant to be fun and
stress-free for both you and your little one.
All babies are born with an innate desire to learn. Early learning, practised in the right way, is fun and enjoyable, with completely no pressure on either the child or the parent. Young children learn most optimally when they are not tested on what they have learnt, and parents teach better without the burden of high expectations. Only in an environment of unconditional love and acceptance can early learning take root and thrive.Here are two common questions answered. 

“If I don’t exert some form of pressure, will my child just play and not learn?”

Young children learn most effectively when they are in a receptive and relaxed mood. So any pressure, tension or negativity that they may sense from anyone or anything should be avoided. In this way, learning to them is just like playing!

“Wouldn’t testing help me to know for sure if my child is learning?”

Testing can bring about the pressure and stress that will hinder your child’s learning. Do not feel impatient or disappointed when your child is not demonstrating any results. That does not mean that your child is not learning. Your part as a parent is to focus on providing new input for your child’s absorbent mind. More often than not, your child will surprise you with what he has learnt on an unexpected occasion in the future.

Your success is our success.

Going all out to help you create early learning success!
If you are visiting KiddyLearn’s website, you are probably interested in early learning. You will also likely want to read all that you can get your hands on, so that you can give your child the best. Being a parent does that to you; you will try anything as long as it is the best for your little one. You can read about a father’s amazing journey in search of the most effective method of early learning for his little girl here. Incidentally, KiddyLearn is this very father’s brainchild!

It is our hope that with KiddyLearn, parents would find it easier to offer their children the invaluable opportunity for early learning. We would like to be by your side on this incredible adventure by helping you access the right tools and foster the right environment for success in early learning. Read on to find out more about Early Learning and how we can journey with you in this adventure of a lifetime!