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You pay
Per Month
You pay
Per Year
And get 3 months worth of
free subscription!

What you get with both plans:

  • 336 lessons, which includes:
    • 1200 different English words and phrases.
    • 5,650 pictures.
    • 6,660 voice narratives.
    • 1,455 animations.
  • 336 lessons, which includes:
    • 1200 different Chinese words and phrases.
    • 5,010 pictures.
    • 5,900 voice narratives.
    • 1,260 animations.
  • 130 lessons, which includes:
    • 700 English and Chinese words and phrases.
    • 3,400 pictures.
    • 4,100 voice narratives.

7-day money back guarantee.

We sincerely want you, our customer, to be fully satisfied with your purchase. So, should you, for any reason, decide to discontinue your subscription to any of KiddyLearn’s programmes within 7 days of purchasing it, we will be happy to issue you a refund --- no questions asked.
Access KiddyLearn on Android mobile app.

KiddyLearn mobile app includes 3 learning activities that covers Kiddy Read and Kiddy Chinese. If you’d like your child to continue learning while on the go, this is just what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer both monthly and annual billing. This is a recurring payment, and the monthly or yearly fee will be deducted from your pre-assigned credit card through the Paypal payment gateway.


Absolutely. If you think that KiddyLearn isn’t the suitable learning platform for your child anymore, simply cancel your subscription under the “My Account” page. There will be no additional billing or charges from the date of cancellation. You will still be able to access the lessons throughout the remainder of the subscription period for which you have already paid.


Yes, we currently offer a 25% discount on our annual plan.

And also, if you recommend a friend, who in turns subscribe to KiddyLearn, you automatically get a

  • Full waiver off your next monthly bill. Or
  • 20% discount off your next annual bill.

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    Ang Pei Yin, mother of 27-month-old Fernando
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    Gan Sok Hoon, mother of 5-year-old Jacob Tan
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    Amy Ching, mother of 4-year-old Hagan
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    Naveed Lee, father of 18-month-old Kyte
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    Anna Tan, mother of 2-year-old Ethan
  • I and my wife are working full-time. Plus we have no idea how to teach reading. Now every night, we...
    Jonathan Wong
  • My boy is just a year old. When we first got Kiddy Read, he only liked looking at the pictures. Now, he’s getting interested in wo...
    Baoling, mother of Yushin
  • My daughter Valerie really enjoyed the lessons! She was actually reciting the words after the narrat...
    Evelyn Kang, mother of 3-year-old Valerie
  • Evelyn Kang, mother of 3-year-old Valerie
  • I’m just glad I need not go hunting for flashcards anymore. It’s hard to find many topics I want. That’s why I like the fact that ...
    Clement and wife